Solar Census holds two foundational patents (pat. nos. 7,500,391 and 7,832,267) on determining the solar potential of rooftops over aerially extracted data and remains years ahead of its competition technologically.

Surveyor is a fully automated tool that draws from 3D spatial databases and applies patented algorithms to model the shading effects on a particular roof on a 24/7/365 basis to determine exact solar access values. The software interactively displays shade, slope and orientation values as the user designs a system and seamlessly calculates production. All lead, follow-up and survey information is stored in a backend dashboard so companies can focus on closing instead of surveys, data management and paperwork.



The accuracy of Surveyor makes it a true software-only alternative for hand-held shade measurement tools. Third-party studies show Surveyor SAVs are statistically equivalent to the Solmetric SunEye. And with a shade value every foot, complete system optimization is easily achievable.



A site assessment that once took hours of travel and measurements now takes only minutes. A salesperson has the capability to provide a highly accurate quote during the first sales call, allowing solar companies and homeowners to get straight to the point.



For a fraction of the cost of an onsite survey, sales and design associates can survey rooftops and design systems from their computers. Save money on site visits, change orders, customer follow-up, worker’s compensation insurance and roof measurement products.

1. Scan the Site

Simply enter the lead address. The software instantly displays an aerial view of a single rooftop and provides an instant analysis using an animated solar access map of the entire property. Quickly determine the optimal array location.

2. Get Roof Dimensions

Just click on the corners of each roof portion to receive roofline distances, slope / pitch, aspect / azimuth and area.

3. Layout a System and Calculate Production

Use our semi-automated panel layout tool to quickly plan a system. Each panel incorporates approximately 150 shade values, and thousands per array, providing unprecedented accuracy for output estimation. Use the integrated PV Watts tool to calculate production with a single click. Just by clicking, also determine exact solar access values for individual points on the rooftop to comply with leasing or regulatory requirements.

4. Export to Proposal Software

Shade values, production, measurements and calculations are exportable in a .csv file with a single click to be easily uploaded into preferred financial proposal software. Export all data and imagery as a .pdf or .jpg for use internally or within a customer proposal.

5. Export to CAD

Highly accurate 3D models are exportable in .dxf for instant upload into CAD software for the design and permitting process.