The free solar lead gen API

Solar Census Generator is a free service that enables solar companies to amplify their lead generation efforts. Generator instantly performs a shade analysis and 3D analysis and displays information on how good the homeowner’s house is for solar. When homeowners receive instant, customized information, their interest in choosing solar grows. And because Generator uses shade and 3D data that is as accurate as a physical site survey, solar companies can be confident that potential customers are getting highly accurate information from day 1.



Generator outputs are produced from the highest quality data and patented algorithms that allow companies to provide an instant assessment on their own websites.



Consumers are instantly aware of the benefits of going solar on their roof, amplifying their interest in solar.  Rooftops are immediately assessed, so strong leads can be pursued and unsuitable roofs disqualified.



Save up to 20%* on marketing costs by increasing conversion rates. Produce smarter leads and strengthen your online presence. And it’s FREE!

Generator HTML API
With just a few lines of code, any solar company can embed the Generator API into a front-end website for home and business owners to use – or insert the code snippet into webpages for sales or call center staff – no programming required!

*Trials of Generator as a consumer-facing application showed that homeowners were 20% more likely to enter their contact information and request a follow-up bid compared to providing generalized information alone.