Open Data

We are pleased to offer opportunities for schools, universities and public institutions to benefit from our remote survey technology. If you are interested in our software or our data for a non-commercial application, please reach out to us.

Solar Education

Many schools and community organizations are becoming engaged in educating their students about the environment and renewable energy. Educating youth about solar energy can play an important role in promoting the new energy future. We welcome educators and community organizers to use our software for free to educate and engage communities on how solar works and which areas in their communities are suitable for solar.


We welcome researchers working at universities and public labs that are studying geospatial sciences, solar, renewable energy or other applications for which our data would be useful to contact us. Data available to researchers includes 3D models and shade values. The shade and 3D data is available in common GIS data formats. The possible studies using this data span disciplines and we are interested to hear about others’ interests, ideas and innovations.