At Solar Census we are inspired by finding innovative ways to fuse technology, renewable energy and successful business practices. The company holds two foundational patents (pat. nos. 7,500,391 and 7,832,267) on determining the solar potential of rooftops over aerially extracted data and remains years ahead of its competition technologically.


Aaron Woro founded the Company in 2006 while working as a solar salesman. He received his bachelor’s degree from University of California at Santa Barbara with majors in Environmental Science and Geographic Information Systems. Aaron is a qualified veteran of the solar industry, with over seventeen years of experience. In founding Solar Census, Aaron patented two algorithms for determining the solar potential of rooftops. The first patent uses 3D models to determine solar potential in binary format. The second expands on the first by determining the exact solar access value from 0 to 100% throughout the year.

Andreas Sjolin is a technologist, economist and seasoned entrepreneur. He received his degree from Stockholm University in the fields of Computer & Systems Science, Psychology and Pedagogy, and also holds a degree in Economics. Andreas began his career as a financial analyst and then system designer of intra-web applications. In 1998 he founded Nea Internet, a Swedish company that builds and administers corporate websites. He is currently the Chief Financial Officer at OptoSweden, a high-technology company based in Stockholm.

Ashley Goodman, D.D.S., D.A.B.F.D., D.A.B.H.D., is a general dentist in private practice in San Diego, California, and an international educator in the fields of dentistry, and the associated use of lasers and clinical hypnosis (Bd. Cert.), among other specialized topics. He also functions as a consultant, technical investigator, and expert witness in related forensics (Bd. Cert.). The dental practice has always utilized many of the latest technological advances in patient care such as lasers and imaging technologies for patient diagnosis and treatment. He has a strong background in multiple areas of science and technology and has provided consultation in business procedure, planning, support, and technology since the inception of the company.